Monthly Archives: July 2023

HSIS MSc Thesis Defence – Dimitris Kompostiotis

On Friday July 14, 2023, at 12:00, Dimitris Kompostiotis will publicly present his thesis on “Algorithms and Architectures for Reconfigurable-Intelligent-Surface-Aided Wireless Communications for 6G” Zoom link available, contact Vassilis Paliouras


The paper “Improving Residue-Level Sparsity in RNS-based Neural Network Hardware Accelerators via Regularization” by Emmanouil Kavvousanos, Vasilis Sakellariou, Vassilis Paliouras, Ioannis Kouretas and Thanos Stouraitis has been accepted to be presented as a regular paper at the prestigious 30th IEEE International Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, ARITH 2023, Portland, Oregon, USA, September 4-6, 2023.


The paper “Modified Logarithmic Multiplication Approximation for Machine Learning,” by I. Kouretas, V. Paliouras, T. Stouraitis, has been presented as IEEE AICAS 2023, June 11-23, Hangzhou, China. Also organized a special session on “Computer Arithmetic for ML,” chaired by Thanos Stouraitis, Wei Mao, and Vassilis Paliouras

VLSILAΒ@ICC2023 – Workshops

The paper “Secrecy Rate Maximization in RIS-Enabled OFDM Wireless Communications: The Circuit-Based Reflection Model Case”, by Dimitris Kompostiotis, Dimitris Vordonis, Vassilis Paliouras, and G. A. Alexandropoulos, has been presented at IEEE ICC Workshop on Holographic MIMO Communications, Roma May 28 – June 1, 2023.