Research Areas

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VLSI Digital Signal Processing


Research in this domain focuses on the development of processors for applications that require very high processing speed as well as their implementation onto VLSI. Design methodologies are developed that include novel number systems, and allow the parallel processing of signals at the word level and the digit level.


Architectures and Hardware Structures


Array Processors Optimal mapping of algorithms onto various architectures is studied. Techniques that have been developed in the Laboratory, allow the automatic composition of a finite number of application-specific processors onto arrays that optimally implement the parallel execution of algorithm fragments..\

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Design of CAD tools


The development of design automation software that utilizes the experience of a specialized integrated circuit designer is the objective of this research domain.


Chip Design

chip design

Effort spent in this field, spans all different levels in the development of a chip. In this context, digital filters that meet a variety of specifications and audio and image digital signal processors for commercial and industrial applications have been developed. In particular, research in this field focuses on designing low power dissipation circuits, high speed circuits, and circuits for computer network protocols.

Also, libraries of VLSI module generators are developed. These libraries are utilized in complex VLSI design. The generators included, can automatically produce basic circuits that are frequently used in electronic design. These circuits include adders, random-access memories, and various encoders/decoders.


Communication Systems (algorithms and hardware design)


The objective of the research in this domain is the development of real-time compression integrated circuits that comply to international standards. New architectures and developed and implemented.