Diploma theses – 2023

By | 11 October 2023

Contact Vassilis Paliouras for 2023 diploma theses projects in the following areas (yet, not limited to):

  • Hardware architectures for machine learning
    Focus is on the optimization of model parameter representation targeting
    minimization of storage and hardware complexity requirements.
    FPGA implementation.
  • Approximate computing architectures
    Evaluation of trade-offs exploiting approximate hardware arithmetic operations
    taking into account the impact on common digital filtering and machine learning applications,
    with a focus on reccurent structures. FPGA implementation.
  • Hardware architectures for Polar decoders in 5G
    Polar codes are capacity-achieving codes adopted in current 5G standards.
    Hardware, performance and power trade-offs will be quantitatively evaluated
    targeting the specifications defined by the relevant 5G standard.
    FPGA implementation.
  • Hardware architectures for LDPC decoders in 5G
    The focus is on hardware for iterative decoders under the specifications
    set by 5G NR. FPGA implementation.
  • Nonbinary LDPC decoder architectures
    Hardware architectures for nonbinary LDPC decoding will
    evaluated for the 5G NR specifications. FPGA implementation.
  • Hardware for homomorphic encryption
    Homomorphic schemes provide basic arithmetic operations on encrypted data without
    requiring plaintext. Impact on basic machine-learning and signal processing
    applications will be evaluated. FPGA implementation.