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The paper “Path-Based Delay Variation Models for Parallel-Prefix Adders,” by Kleanthis Papachatzopoulos and Vassilis Paliouras, is published in IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing,


The paper “Received Power Maximization with Practical Phase-dependent Amplitude Response in RIS-Aided OFDM Wireless Communications,” by Dimitris Kompostiotis, Dimitris Vordonis, and Vassilis Paliouras will be presented at IEEE ICASSP 2023,


Three papers will be presented at MOCAST 2022 D. Vordonis, D. Kompostiotis, and V. Paliouras, “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Aided OFDM Wireless Communications: Hardware Aspects of Reflection Optimization Methods,” accepted for presentation at MOCAST 2022 E. Kavvousanos and V. Paliouras, “A Low-Latency Syndrome-based Deep Learning Decoder Architecture and its FPGA Implementation,” accepted for presentation at MOCAST… Read More »

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Two papers are to be presented at Kleanthis Papachatzopoulos and Vassilis Paliouras, “Sensitivity to Threshold Voltage Variations of Exact and Incomplete Prefix Addition Trees” Vasilis Sakellariou, Vassilis Paliouras, Ioannis Kouretas, Hani Saleh, Thanos Stouraitis, “Α High-performance RNS LSTM block”


Delighted to present (virtually) “Approximate Sorting Check Node Processing in Non-Binary LDPC Decoders” by Dimitris Chytas and Vassilis Paliouras, at the 2020 27th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits & Systems, to be held from November 23-25, 2020.